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I binged SO much last night! Top Ramen noodles, Primal Stick, sunflower seeds, vegan chocolate chips, bread, potato chips, I wanted to go to the coffee shop down the street and get one of their vegan cookies, but I decided to save my money and make cookie dough instead! Flour, oats, vegan choc chips, oil, vanilla, baking powder cinnamon. I ate the dough from a bowl with a spoon. I'm so disgusting.

But oddly enough, I'm 106.5! Same weight as I was yesterday!

Apr. 3rd, 2008

Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been busy. Well part of the time, I couldn't post because I've been on vacation, the rest of the time I've been busy.

I'm not quite sure what my weight is right now. Around 108, I think. I got sunburned a few days ago and I read that drinking a lot of water and eating plenty of protein helps the tissue repair itself, so right now I'm concentrating on eating protein and not worrying to much about calories.

Then again, I'm dancing in this dance concert at school in a few weeks and I want to try to look good for that. Tone up my arms, try to get rid of my disgusting stomach flab.

This time of year, I love the fact that I'm vegan. I'm surrounded by chocolate and crap and I can't eat any of it. And I don't want to because none of it's vegan!

Totaly binged on Friday night. Ugh! Yesterday was ok. I'll update again later tonight.

Back down to 107 lbs!

Yesterday went alright. I ate about 1300 cals, but I didn't eat enough veggies or drink enough water.

Today's intake:

Large iced latte
100-calorie pack of cookies
4 corn thins (like rice cakes, but made of corn), 2 with hummus (1 T. hummus total)
22 black berries
10 baby carrots w/ 1 T. hummus
Luna bar

Something for dinner (410 cals)
1 c. soy milk
Fruit cup (evening snack)

That'll be 1,250 cals. I'm happy with that!

Mar. 20th, 2008

 Last night didn't go quite as planned. I came home from school and found out mom and gotten take out food, and she bought me a side of steamed veggies. 

Instead of the baby carrots and PB (see my March 19th post),I ended up eating:
2 small pieces of bread roll
1.5 c. steamed veggies

Later at night I had 2 bowls of chips!

Now I'm back to 108.5. Damnit.

Mar. 19th, 2008

107 lbs this morning! :D :D Lost 1.5 lbs!

Today's planned intake:

Coffee w/ 1/2 c. soymilk
1/2 banana
Sandwich (2 slices wheat bread, hummus, mustard, veggies)
1.5 c. Vegetable soup
Salad (lettuce, carrots, lite french dressing)
1 c. soymilk
Small pack of corn-nuts
8 baby carrots w/ 1 T. peanut butter

Total: 1,210

Exercise: 90 minutes of ballet

Mar. 18th, 2008

Today for dinner I had:
a baked potato w/ margerine
cup of soymilk
1 1/3 c. steamed squash
1/2 c. black beans

I aso ate the orange (see my previous entry) and 2 hard peppernint candies.

Total cals for the day: 1,250. I'm happy with that! :) According to caloriesperhour.com, I burned almost 600 calories (see my previous entry)!

I'm gonna be mad if I'm still 108.5 tomorrow morning!

Last night went well, I followed the eating plan on my previous entry, I did eat a dried date though. I didn't do the ab exercises. I was having cramps and really didn't feel like putting my stomach through a workout.

108.5 this morning.

Today so far, I've had:

Coffee w/ 1/2 c. soymilk
1/2 c. oatmeal w/ 1 t. brown sugar
2 c. water
2 tacos (2 corn tortillas, veggie meat, lettuce, salsa, shredded carrot, spices)
1/2 c. grapefruit juice 

I'm drinking diet pepsi right now and I plan on having a luna bar and an orange later on.

Total: 820.  That leaves 430 cals for dinner and evening snack. Hmm...I think I'll eat the luna bar later and save the orange for my evening snack...

I also did 1 hour on my stationary bike, 15 mins of ab exercises, 15 minutes of hand weights and 15 minutes of stretching/yoga.

Today's intake:

Coffee w/ 1/2 c. silk
1 c. bran flakes w/ 1/2 c. silk
Sandwich (sourdough bread, hummus, veg mayo, lettuce)
1.5 c. Vegetable soup
Salad (mixed greens, shredded carrot, lite French dressing)
1 c. silk
200 cals of tortilla chips
Mini apple

Total: 1,195 cals

I also had my 90 minute ballet class, and I'll be doing 15 minutes of ab exercises tonight.

First post

I woke up, made my coffee, drank 2 sips, went to the bathroom, undressed, and weighed myself. 109. Shit. I took a shower, and weighed myself again, sopping wet, wearing a towel. 108.5. Hmmm....

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